China donates Zhejiang University Press book to German university

Time: 2023-01-17 Author : From :Zhejiang University Press


Huang Kunming, executive vice director of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, donates A Collection Of Yuan Dynasty Paintings to the Free University of Berlin at the opening ceremony of the Experience China in Germany festival in Berlin on July 5. [Photo/ Zhejiang University Press]

A book published by Zhejiang University Press was selected as one of the works to be donated to a German university during a high-level event to promote Chinese culture in Berlin on July 5.

A Collection of Yuan Dynasty Paintings, a collection from Zhejiang University Press' series on ancient Chinese painting, was donated to the Free University of Berlin as part of the Experience China in Germany festival, a series of exhibitions and cultural activities designed to promote Chinese culture in the German capital.

The book is the first work worldwide to comprehensively and systematically document ancient Chinese paintings. Together with A Collection of Song Dynasty Paintings, A Collection of Yuan Dynasty Paintings is recognized as the most authoritative and complete compilation of paintings of the Song and Yuan dynasties (960-1368), which have immense value in areas such as art connoisseurship and collecting.

The two collections have also been acquired by UNESCO, the United States Library of Congress, the German National Library, the British Library, and the French National Library, among other renowned institutions.

Irina Bokova, general director of UNESCO, considers these volumes “the best collections of Chinese ancient painting and calligraphy” she has ever seen, and she believes they are of great significance for the preservation of China’s and the world’s cultural heritage.


The front covers of A Collection of Yuan Dynasty Paintings (16 volumes) and A Collection of Song Dynasty Paintings (23 volumes). [Photo/ Zhejiang University Press]