Zhejiang University Press Italian Office Has Been Established in Florence

Time: 2018-10-19 Author : From :Zhejiang University Press

The unveiling of Zhejiang University Press Italian Office was held at the National Central Library of Florence on 24th September, 2018. It is the first professional press focusing on Italian and English books China has established in Italy. YAN Jinlin, Deputy Consul-General of the Chinese Consulate General in Florence, LUO Weidong, vice-president of Zhejiang University, Silvia Alessandri, deputy director of the National Central Library of Florence, and LU Dongming, president of Zhejiang University Press attended the event and made speeches. The ceremony was presided over by ZHANG Chen, deputy editor-in-chief of Zhejiang University Press.

LUO claimed at the ceremony that Zhejiang University will spare no effort to support the Italian office, which is a natural product of the development of times. According to him, the Italian office is an important step of Zhejiang University’s “Double First-Class” construction. It will connect with the scientific research and teaching platform of Zhejiang University, strengthen the strategic cooperation with different schools and institutes, collect publication resources with rich characteristics and connotations, explore new internationalization model, cultivate international talents, establish a “bridgehead” for the exchange and cooperation between Zhejiang University and Europe, and thus promote the international cooperative ability and brand influence of Zhejiang University and Zhejiang University Press by complying with national “Go global” strategy.

LU claimed the Italian office, aiming to enhance the cultural exchange between China and the western world, will publish books that introduce Chinese culture, art, tourism, education and other aspects and reflect contemporary Chinese value, the essence of Chinese cultural thoughts, China-Italy relations, China-Europe relations, China-Italy and China-Europe ideology and culture through further understanding of the requirements of Italian, European and worldwide readers. In this way, different civilizations can learn from and add colour to each other. Meanwhile, the Italian office will keep following the development dynamic of Italian, European and world culture and art, integrate different resources, collect materials worldwide, and publish Chinese, Italian and English books and academic journals of culture and art. Besides, the Italian office will hold exchange activities about Chinese and overseas publishing as well as culture and art, and carry out training programs about culture, art and languages.

The Italian office will also establish an internationalized publishing platform and marketing network facing the whole world step by step, trying to bring a truer, more modern, and more beautiful China to the world and introduce more Italian, European and world cultures to Chinese readers by purchasing books and copyrights from international markets.

Silvia Alessandri, deputy director of the National Central Library of Florence welcomed the establishment of Zhejiang University Press Italian Office. He said that Italy – even the whole Europe – has become more and more interested in the development of Chinese economy and culture. Thus, the establishment of Italian office will serve as a bridge for the cultural exchange of both sides.

LUO donated A Collection of Yuan Dynasty Paintings, a large-scale dynastic collection of Chinese painting history published by Zhejiang University Press to the National Central Library of Florence at the ceremony. Then LU and Stefano Chinellato, president of Cafoscarina Press, announced the first publication of the Italian edition of The Travels of XU Xiake jointly published by Zhejiang University Press and Cafoscarina Press, which indicated the opening of Zhejiang University Press Italian Office.

The “Go global” of Chinese publishing has developed rich connotation and denotation, abundant contents, diversified channels, and varied forms in recent years. The “Go global” has gradually developed from pure products and copyrights to capitals. General Secretary XI Jinping made it clear that it is necessary to set “Tell Chinese stories” as one of the most important targets of foreign propaganda. Chinese government and the Party Central Committee have also launched a series of international policies and suggests that can enhance the internationalization of publication.

The exploration of Zhejiang University Press in “Go global” has been deepened as the internationalization of publication keeps proceeding. The establishment of Zhejiang University Press Italian Office is just a response to the call of the country. It not only speeds up the overseas layout of Chinese publishing capital but manifests China’s confidence in path selection, theory, system, and culture, making contribution to “Tell Chinese stories” and the construction of socialist cultural power.